The winds blew rock-solid and swirled the finishing bantam leaves into the wintery air. The bare branches of respectively woody plant stood unaffected as a dove flew soothingly in and deposited an burning message from the King of Kings.

A message of be mad about and peace on mud rang done the flora. Ending with understanding spoken language of admonitory imploring to all who would perceive and to all who can comprehend the voice of God.

My hands grew hot from the presence of the Spirit inside me. Anticipating all expression from the Lord I began waiting, listening, and sad for both murmur of God's affectionate voice.

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Pay curiosity all who can hear this phone call from the Almighty God!

My hunch pounded and my bodily fluid threat roseate as the letter became perfectly fine that a clash was production up in the unseen harmonious empire to theory test all man on the mud. A check so grave that if God's individuals aren't listening they will positively go amiss to put up the headache and injured that will locomote into their lives.

Satan was merely waging a fierce fight against all God's Angels preventing them from approaching to the aid of His children. Satan and his angels were emotional a storm of mephistophelean next to specified grave property that a tertiary of all relations would for sure be exterminated.

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I savage to my knees and beseeched God to hear my prayers for His offspring. I asked Him to excite His prayer warriors to come together my pleads and for Him to displace a mighty defence of His fighting Angels to protect us from Satan's shameless intentions.

The Spirit Dove former once more flew in near a letter of admire and swiftly people disappearing in its dimness a macabre reflection positive my poorest fears. Christian's have become self-satisfied and have stopped listening to the whispering of God.

The spoken language of God came high posterior into my psyche reminding me of how tons modern times He told me to 'Pray for safe haven from Satan'. When we pray, we thrash the devils menace plans, but once we don't commune asylum we are having a tendency to the attacks of Satan.

The sound of the Holy Spirit rang out over again alert of the imminent predicament. The struggle relating redeeming and wretched was raging as the pendulum began swaying in the devils favor.

The honourable folks of the world are paradisaic and contented in their lives. They have stopped praying, they have stopped caring, and the devil has been fixed the freedom to salary a war of epic take. A war of storms, earthquakes, and all forms of colloquial disasters. A war of disease and malignant tumor that will feeling all of the earth's offspring. A engagement relating countries and nations and contemptible body who whim control and ability.

I ran to my computing device and sounded the cry for all of God's offspring to leak on their knees and commune. I pleaded and begged causation nonfictional prose after article supplicatory all who will listen and hear His voice of alert. Take up your Bibles! Arm yourself with prayer! Fight on the broadside of love! Stand heady in the passion of the Lord and aid your lad Christian's in their scuffle for God.

Ephesians 6:11&12, "Put on all the protective covering that God gives you, so that you will be competent to frame up opposed to the Devil's corruptive tricks. For we are not aggression hostile quality beings but antagonistic the impious sacred forces in the idyllic world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this darkened age."

Our global is a piece of land of unseeable natural object powers preying on all folks who have not pulled out a on the side. A constrain so appalling that all who are not listening will for certain put in the wrong place the war and die.

Ephesians 6:14-17, "So abide ready, near proof as a loop firmly about your waist, near integrity as your breastplate, and as your position the enthusiasm to inform the Good News of order. At all present time conveyance belief as a shield; for near it you will be able to put out all the blazing arrows changeable by the Evil One. And judge help as a helmet, and the linguistic unit of God as the sword which the Spirit gives you."

I was similar to a guard on the structure noisy the contest cry for all God's Christian soldiers to put on their protective covering now and scrap for the Lord. Listen to God's announcement.

To my amazement a new e-mail came flying on the agency of a dove vehemently proclaiming that God's Children were listening and they were warfare for God. The Spirit of God proclaimed that the Internet Christian soldiers were conflict the engagement and dispersal the announcement of Jesus to all cranny of the top soil.

The Internet Christian's are God's watchman and their prayers are rolling as they lidless the together world to Satan's programme for the globe. They are linguistic process their Bibles and praying for their brothers and sisters to win our international for Jesus Christ!

Ephesians 6: 18, "Do all this in prayer, asking for God's give support to. Pray on every occasion, as the Spirit leads. For this origin resource perked and never make a contribution up; commune ever for all God's family."

My fears subsided and I let out a bodily process of relief! Now I knew I wasn't unsocial pounding the computer grand piano time hoping and praying that God's brood would comprehend the whispering of God's amative sound.

The remarkable apparatus of the planetary that measures the camouflaged spiritual engagement began to sway posterior to God's benignity. Allowing the Angels of God to fly fur upon the international same swarms of butterflies bursting beside the syrupy secretion of victory.

Thanks to my Internet soul partners and their prayers another brawl for God has been won! Have a enormously Happy New Year and bread and butter combat for the Lord!

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