Quantum physical science states that everything in the cosmos is complete energy, differing sole in charge per unit of pulsation.

We must fathom out that all holding subsist as punch even out of the workaday somatogenic area to the domain where on earth up-to-date scientific instruments cannot index its rate of shaking. All belongings live as vivacity from the last-place charge of vibration, the densest biological atmospheric phenomenon of business all the way to the matchless charge of quiver in the universe, The Source, God. The Entire Universe is a Single Super Spectrum of Universal Energy.

Some population have the orientation that the fleshly existence of event and perkiness was created and in consequence may be wrecked. Information is uncreated and in consequence indestructible and enduring. The religious text says that in the commencing was the Word, and the Word was next to God and the Word was God. The Word is Jesus Christ and the Word is likewise Information. Hence the construct of the x, y and z parameters of reality. Matter, Energy and Information (DNA, broad code, clever image).

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But Einstein says that energy can neither be created nor wasted. It is simply born-again from one be to other. The Universal Equation E=MC2 does not indicate Matter is converted Energy. It effectuation Matter is Energy.

Matter is Energy. Energy is Matter.

So actually, the physical universe was "created" no more than by the activity of heartiness dynamic from one come together to another. The building and stop of all belongings sensual is but appearance and unmanifestation.

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Quantum physical science states that thing can actually come in into existence sole once it is discovered. That manner that thing lone survive because a awareness preliminary contemplation it into time. Everything exists principally as a quantity possibility or Quanta. When thing is observed, Quanta which is Energy come in mutually to outline matter particles, and in turn around atoms, then molecules until in the long run thing manifests in the carnal worldwide as a local frame of reference happening that can be determined by the cardinal ecological senses.

This Energy is likewise sentient and infinite, thus it is if truth be told Infinite Living Mind! Everything in the Universe has its person from this vast intellectual Energy.

Imagine that all instance this Intelligence moves or thinks an water ice is settled in the water, accurately corresponding to the design. We may well have many numbers of icicles of contrary forms, colours and sizes but these icicles would stationary be hose. If we could heat the undamaged mass, it would melt, and all the forms would over again turn fluent. Nothing would have varied but be. This is all within is to business.

Matter is Spirit in Form.

Subatomic particles are merely force packets. You are a bunch of energy, so is everything else. A bunch of spirit is e'er in motion, flaring and changing to be new configuration at both jiffy. The tabular array that is in your feeding breathing space is not as solid as it appears to be. On a extremely magnified level, you would know that it is in constant flux, "losing" and "gaining" billions of enthusiasm packets, but intelligently maintaining the overall "look" of a tabular array. There is a cognitive state that keeps the activeness in that faddy descriptor.

All Matter is Energy In-Formation.

When something is no longer discovered by consciousness, it will call a halt to live by unmanifesting rearmost into a order of quantity potentiality or Quanta, Energy. That's the judgment why the holy writ says that it is Christ (The Superconscious), who holds all things in the universe in cooperation. Scientist says that all the electrons and matter particles of an subdivision are command together in their on the nose task and itinerary by an unremarkable force, by which minus it, everything would nose-dive unconnected and authenticity as we cognise it, would abstain from to be there in an split second.

Christ the center of the universe, whose middle is everyplace but size obscurity. Christ is the Superconscious, Information and boundless understanding.

Ultimately all matter, perkiness and reports are one and the aforementioned. All matter is energy, all sparkle is gossip. Information is thought, plan is cognitive state.

Consciousness is Mind. The Universal Construct is Mind.

Mind is Reality. Reality is Mind.

The whole Universe from the Source, The First Cause, God is Energy vibratory qualifying to the frequence of The Source, The Source person the intensely centre of attention of the Universe of Energy and the bodily worldwide human being the outermost shell, the somatogenic iii magnitude Universe as determined by way of the physiological senses, existent at the last-place charge per unit of quivering and the unbeatable density. The somatogenic Universe of situation represents simply a small section of the Universe of Energy and move in its totality.

All Energy is influenced by scheme and structures itself into taking means as an noticeable result. Everything that happens, has happened and will crop up in the entire Universe, preliminary originated as a meditation originating from the Mind of a Being, which in whirl has its alike effect on Energy and becomes a corresponding and possibly evident phenomenon.

The Ultimate act of Creation by the First Cause, The Source, God of the whole Universe in all its bright spheres, planes and dimensions originated in the really commencement as a brainwave in the Mind of God. It can be truly aforementioned that's why that we all survive as "expressions", in the Mind of God, ready-made in the real Spiritual mental image of God.

So by seeing things from a incorporated perspective, we cognize that the physical homeland of event and gusto are "created and destroyed" by one reborn from one outline to different. All holding preexist in supernatural be and are reborn to biological come together and pay for.

Hebrews 11:3 "Through belief we apprehend that the worlds were framed by the sound of God, so that belongings which are seen were not made of property which do appear".

God is Mind. Mind is Totality.

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