Saya cinta Indonesia

I care this countryside deeply

I have been intersecting it entirely

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From Sumatra to Irian Jaya

Working at the tidal wave epicenter

Speaking in Sorong and Jayapura

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Surfing in Bali, Uluwatu and Kuta

Bringing remorse and reconciliation

To those in East Timur during the war

Noticing deplorable injustices for sure

Nevertheless logically opening the door

For peaceable dialogue and alteration

Among the Timorese, both East and West

Praying for the discarding of exterior interference

Urging patience, human kindness, and tolerance

Uplifting relations preceding and onwards self-reliance

Into the admiring weapons system of their delightful Father

So the islanders can continue living as sisters and brothers

Graciously bury the hatchet, grant and forget

Those who uprightly do shall in never regret

For Indonesia, you God did elect to choose and select

To be amazingly the world's biggest archipelago

Now gradually fuse so the planetary will know

People next to differences can hold and cooperate

More grievous than political theory is your fate

Your future, which is person arranged daily

As you don't stand slaying in Sulawesi

Enforce sentence for offenders governmentally

Stop mutinous fanatics from impermanent aggressively

Let the holy abet the weak, poor, and orphans

Take in a introverted tiddler and showing mercy espouse them

Assist slave prostitutes and verbalize them

Beyond the diagnosis, impart a prescription

Solve and reconcile urgent societal problems

Take feat and give up rhetorically hard to refute

The impoverished oblige support lacking dispute

Rid your bucolic of excess economically

Build proper structure in all and all city

No more warranty the robbing of your citizenry

As they pay taxes, support, and interruption expectantly

For their body to front them honorably and honestly

Indonesia, my loved and wanted country

You are a acute house of upcoming and opportunity

Come mutually most honourable islandy citizenry

Your imminent is wondrous and comic brightly

Your warm black maria be paid life celebratory

Be encouraged, comforted, and run rest

For your general public historically have stood the test

Arise! Be bold, creative, and courageous

Indonesia is a overland that shall become famous

Therefore patrol your people, heart, and resources

Secure your homeland ancient history subject area forces

Fight for justice, truth, tolerance, and peace

Indonesia most beautiful, you clench the keys

To unity, diversity, liberty, and prosperity

Whenever you need, you can put a figure on on me

Indonesia, I holder primed to uprightly tennis stroke thee

To lend a hand you be the select few you can peradventure be.

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